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Things you should know before stepping out in an airport taxi

Airport taxis are a convenient way to get from the airport to your final destination, but It should be aware of some safety concerns.These are:

Know the price before getting in – Don’t be surprised when the taxi ride costs more than you expected. Always ask the driver what the fare will be before getting in an Airport taxi .

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Check for meters – Make sure to check for meters before getting in the taxi and pay according to the rate indicated. Do not get into a taxi without first checking the meter!

Respect local customs – Follow local customs when it comes to tipping and hand gestures. Some people tip while others do not, and some people tip with one hand while others tip with two hands. Just be respectful and follow whatever customs are prevalent in your area.

Be patient – Don’t expect an airport taxi to arrive instantly. Taxis often lineup at the entrance to the airport, so be patient and wait until one of them is available.

Find out if your driver is certified

-If you're planning on taking an airport taxi, make sure to research the driver beforehand. 

It's important to find out if your driver is certified in your destination.

Wrap up your journey with a few tips

• Make sure you know the price of the ride before getting in the taxi. This will save you time and money.

• Bring cash or a credit card so you can pay as you go. • Sit in the back of the taxi so you can get out quickly in an emergency.

• If you need to use the bathroom during your ride, let the driver know ahead of time. 



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