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Tips For Cleaning Stone Floors

Stone floors, be it travertine, limestone, granite, slate or any other material, can be an appealing addition to any home. But to keep your floors look clean even long after they're installed, you'll need the time to do some basic maintenance. Stone cleaning requires special techniques that only professional agencies can provide because stone is a natural material that gets damaged easily.

So read on these tips for safe stone floor cleaning.

1. Follow the instructions from the dealer or manufacturer. When you install your floor, ask if there are any special cleaning or maintenance instructions. Your dealer may recommend using a special cleaner specifically designed for a particular type of stone floor.

2. Clean your floor regularly. The dirt and grit you bring in from outside are abrasive and can damage sensitive stones. Dust or vacuum your floors as often as possible to remove these harmful particles.

3. Choose accurate detergent. Before you start cleaning stone tiles, make sure you are using the correct detergent. In general, you should avoid using acids on marble or limestone.

4. Hire professional stone floor cleaners. If your floors are very dirty, you may want to hire a professional stone cleaning company to make them look like new again. However, before you choose a tile cleaning company, make sure they know how to properly clean stone floors.