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Tips on Choosing a Fine Bottle of Wine


It can be subjective when it comes to having a bottle or a glass of wine. That’s because, not many people are a fan of drinking wine. However, wine lovers know how good it tastes and how good it feels inside the tongue when it comes to tasting the flavors and enjoying the different aromas coming from the wine. If this is your first time and wish to choose a fine wine, these are some of the factors to consider.

  1. Sweetness – Some people love sweet while others don’t and this is totally depended on your taste buds. Sweet, semi-sweet and dry are the types when it comes to tasting the sweetness of the wine. One helpful tip is to understand that dry wines are not sweet.
  2. Acidity Level – There are 2 levels of acidity; low and high. High acidic wines are known to offer a tart or burnt taste while low acidic wines are known to offer a richer taste.
  3. Body –When it comes to the body of the wine, you have the option to choose from either light, medium to full. The wine body is what you feel after it is consumed. Most of red wines have full-bodied compared to the white wine which is because of the red grapes grown in cooler temperature compared to warmer regions.
  4. Alcohol – There is some content of alcohol that gives your throat and mouth a warm feeling. 5.5% is the lowest alcohol content and 20% is the maximum alcohol content found in wines.

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