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Top 10 Features of Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office has numerous features that are must to incorporate with your working styles. With the help of Office 365 you can easily create, store and monitor your data from anywhere at any time. can provide you with complete training on Office 365 which will cover its basic understanding of its advanced features. 

But for now, let me tell you top 1- features of Office 365 that will help you clear the concept of why other businesses are adapting it. Read below the top features of Office 365:

– Real Time Collaboration

– Easy Communication with Co-workers

– Access to Power Map in Excel

– Access to Microsoft Planner along with Workflows

– Self-Decluttering Email Inbox

– Resume Reading Tool

– Easy Link Sharing for multiple files

– Microsoft MyAnalytics

– Microsoft Sway

– Live settings with Lync 2010

These are the top 10 features that you get with establishing Office 365. But the list does not end here , there are various other features that might be more useful to the organizations based on their needs and requirements. Office 365 comprises many tools and services that can be useful for both small and big businesses on online as well as offline servers. With the help of a consulting advisor you can not only explore these features in depth but also understand how to use and access it.