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Types of Portable Blenders

Many models have come up with this blender. They range from a cheaper model to one that is relatively expensive. Each blender has different features and they are perfect for a variety of kitchen tasks. So it's purely your choice to choose the one that suits you.

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smoothies blenders

There are two types of blenders available in the market namely Countertop blender and Handheld / Immersion blenders.

Features of Handheld /immersion Blender

  • The Handheld/immersion blenders feature a long and thin shaped body which you can hold it easily in your hands. 
  • You can immerse it in the food you prepare and combine them. 
  • Being small they are easy to store and they do not require a separate room for storage. 
  • It is perfect for small jobs such as preparing juices, mini smoothie blender, milkshakes and drinks powder where you have to mix and mingle with crushed ice, cream and fruit. 

Features of Countertop Blenders

  • Countertop blenders are very useful for mixing, pureeing, chopping and especially for crushing ice. 
  • The blender container made of glass, stainless steel or plastic. 
  • Their capacity is relatively good because they can comfortably serve 5 to 8 glasses. 
  • Speed can be up to 3-16 but remember speed is not necessary. They come with different modes of control such as a programmable touchpad, push-button, quick and flip the switch.