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Wallpaper Makes a Comeback

The latest tool in the decorator kit maybe the old one that is wallpaper. Suddenly, wallpaper is everywhere – in decorating magazines, popular films, photographic catalogs, advertising, and even advertising. Renewed popularity can be attributed to many factors.

Technology has advanced to the point where manufacturers can create beautiful printed fabrics with other wallpapers that looks like stone, leather, straw, jute or metal. Some designers who combine large wall mural made of wallpaper. Others use a textured paper that looks like crocodile skin.

With such a strong consumer yearn for elegance and sophistication; it only makes sense that people are turning to alternative-style wallpaper.

For those who like to paint, there are wallpapers which you can paint on. Paint-on paper made to look like tin ceilings offers a classic look beautiful at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

If you are worried that the wallpapering is too much work, then you have not seen the new products. Over the past few years, the industry has introduced easy on, easy off the wallpaper. No special tools are required to scrape it off, just peel it and put new wallpaper up.

Tips for those considering the wallpaper in their homes:

Choose your place: entryways, powder room, dining room, living room, and library

Use color and pattern: Bold colors and large prints

Check scale: Bigger prints are great for high wall

Try one of the walls: Use strong colors or bolder prints on an accent wall

Buy extra: Matching and repair may require additional