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What Are the Different Types Of Home Foundation Repair?

A foundation plays an important role in making the strong base of the houses. This foundation holds the house in place. For a home to be strong, the foundation also has to be perfectly constructed.

Some homeowners face some issues after some time and for this, their foundation requires the repair services. The most common type of repair method is 'waterproofing of residential foundations' (which is also known as 'impermabilisation des fondations rsidentielles' in the French language) which is also considered a permanent solution but it is applied according to the structure of the foundation too. 

Foundation Repair

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Basically there are two prominent types of foundations. First, one is the basic slab-on-grade. A simple concrete slab that is poured down the structure to provide a solid foundation. It is recognized for providing a solid floor structure. Foundation slab-on-grade is similar to the root system of grass or bushes.

Another type of foundation is Pier and Beam foundation. They are deeper and can be used in areas where snow and icefall occurs. It will sink below the frost line. Frost line generally lies between 5 and 8 feet below the surface and these types of foundations are always used in residential and commercial properties. 

Additional economic foundation repair is pouring the piers into the concrete. This is done by drilling holes of the approximate depth of 9 to 12 feet under the surface and then it is filled with steel and cement. Concrete has been poured into concrete added with spacers and washers.