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What Effects Can The Color Of Commercial Awnings Have On Customer Psychology?

Color can have a strong influence on human behavior. While it may be difficult to measure, your choice in retractable awning colors could make a significant difference in how likely people are to walk through your doors or move on.

RED – Food

There’s a reason why so many fast food signs and logos have red in them. Red reduces analytical thinking as it produces faster and more forceful reactions. You’re much more likely to buy a hamburger pictured with a red background than a green one, for example. If you are also looking for the best commercial retractable awning for your business, then you can purchase it from

BLUE – Health & Wellness

As the most common favorite color around the world, blue is satisfying, comforting. It’s a great color to use to give people a sense that you will take care of them. That’s why it’s often associated with healthcare, mental health, yoga studios, etc.

GREEN – Art & Nature

Whole Foods knew what they were doing when they made their logo green, the color that elicits a sense of trust, a purity you can only find in nature. Because it sparks curiosity, it may work well for bringing patrons into your art gallery or pottery studio, or maybe for travel agencies.

ORANGE – Bargain

If you want to give people the sense of anticipation that only comes from getting a great deal, orange maybe your color. It seems to work pretty well for Payless Shoes. Maybe not the best idea if you’re running a high-end shoe boutique.

Spending a little time learning about color psychology before choosing your retractable awnings could do wonders for your business.