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What Kind of Treatment Can a House Call Doctor Provide?

People who are homebound, have limited to no mobility, or possess a limited support system are excellent candidates for receiving medical care via house calls. As a house call doctor actually sees the patient in a home or residential setting, the physician can evaluate the patient’s home safety needs, level of caregiving, and level of necessary socialization.

The doctor can then make the necessary recommendations for ensuring the patient’s total health and wellness. Treatments that are often offered and provided during a medical house call doctor can include the following:

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  • Comprehensive medical exam
  • Lab tests, including blood, draws, and urinalysis
  • Management of chronic conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes
  • Wound care
  • Memory and dementia care
  • Evaluation and recommendations regarding medications, nutrition, and exercise
  • Routine vaccinations, including the flu shot
  • Weight management
  • Receiving a second opinion regarding a diagnosis or a medical recommendation

After treating you in your home, home visiting doctors will then send a report to your regular GP the next business day. This report will contain details of your condition and the treatment you’ve been given. That way, your treatment can be continued or modified by your regular GP if necessary. And because they care, they’ll also provide enough medication to get you through the night at no cost to you.