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When Should You See A Doctor For Heel Pain?

Heel pain can occur at any time, and with conditions such as plantar fasciitis, often can come and go from time to time, leaving you wondering when you should see a doctor or if you just have to wait and see what happens.

While some types of pain, such as headaches are simple, allowing you to wait first and see if it is lost, the pain in your legs may require immediate concern.

If you are in pain, you must see the doctor immediately. There are many sites such as that provide complete information about heel pain treatment.

Heel pain, particularly from conditions such as plantar fasciitis can make a direct cause for concern. First and foremost, if you think you might have painful heel bone spurs or plantar fasciitis, you should see a doctor immediately.

As with any other conditions that may be, the faster it is diagnosed, the sooner you can begin to feel relief from pain. Even if you are unsure, it is always best to seek professional advice. Call your doctor immediately if:

  • You are in severe pain and had swelling around your heel
  • Your ability to walk or use your feet usually have harmed
  • Heel pain has been associated with fever, numbness or tingling
  • Your heel pain is the result of an injury

If you've been diagnosed with conditions such as plantar fasciitis or bone spurs and treatment is recommended you do not reduce the level of your pain, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

The most important reason to see a doctor diagnose your heel pain is to accept the recommended treatment plan that will help you reduce your pain immediately. Based on your diagnosis, the doctor will recommend measures that will help reduce the level of pain and to prevent the condition from getting worse.