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When You Need A New Fence?

The old fence is like part of the home and part of the landscape. The problem is that old fences can be very dangerous, unstable, and if they're really old, hard to repair to anything like a good standard.

The problem is that the old fence can be very dangerous, unstable and if they are really old, difficult to repair anything like a good standard. They are also likely to come as a surprise considering if a new neighbor wants to replace them, so helpful to talk to your local fencing contractor before you need to go into damage control mode.

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Signs of a fence that needs to be replaced:

The signs are not always clear. Some fence so hard they look ok, but there is a structural problem you need to check:

Supports loose: If you move the fence, a sign that the entire fence is under the stress of gravity. Fences can be literally collapsed overnight. They can also take a lot of garden soil with them, letting the weeds and parasites.

Wet areas: If the support gets moist, they can also move, which can break down the fence and affect other parts as well.

Mold, algae, and signs of rot in the wooden fence: Treatment fence has hit the expiration date. These factors will be increasingly destroyed part of a wooden fence.

Crossbeam of the position: Warping rare, but if the cross beams are not parallel, something else has moved on. This is a structural problem that may or may not be fixable.