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Why Is Important Document Verification In The Employment History Verification?

Document verification is the process to ensure that the documents submitted by genuine candidates and that the buyer is the legal owner. It is an essential part of the pre-employment screening process. The philosophy of background check for hiring is to 'Trust, But Verify'.  

Bad candidates will often hide a criminal past or their historical work, which may cause the company to make a bad hiring decision. If you are looking for employment history verification services then you can browse various online sources.

Because hiring fresh employees is a costly and time-consuming process so the business owners quickly hire experienced candidates that enterprise environments easily. As the recession in the last five years has taken away all chances of finding job applicants, inflation in the falsification of documents and redundant has increased.

Every day there is hear about the company employs a staff that turned not be who they say they are. A comprehensive study showed that about 1 in 5 job applicants falsify resume or document to some degree they are.

Estimates show that the cost of a bad hire and replacement of approximately 150% of salary. The percentage of fake academic documents has increased over the years created a huge gap of trust between employers and candidates.

The documentation serves as the basis for determining an area where employees are performing fine and those that need improvement, giving specific feedback to employees, achieve more accurate decisions and defend actions if litigation or other challenges occur.

There is an expectation by employees, different management, the hearing officer, investigator, judge, and jury that the employer will have documentation in place to support the decision work.