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A Revolutionary Cost- Effective Wound Care Solution

Chronic wounds are a serious problem for millions of people. These wounds heal very slowly or frequently don't cure and get stuck in one of those stages of wound healing.

The main types of chronic injury incorporate diabetic ulcers, venous ulcers, and pressure ulcers. Pain is one of the most common issues related to chronic wounds and it significantly impacts in the life of these patients.

 chronic wound care

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A significant problem in treating chronic wounds is shielding the wounds so that they don't get infected. The main ways of shielding a wound are covering it with bandages or wound dressings.

Wound dressings have been greatly improved over the years and dressings like Tegaderm, duodenum and have revolutionized the treatment of wounds. However, chronic wounds are a major problem to deal with.

The University's Department of Biotechnology has developed a method to handily and cost-effectively keep chronic wounds clean and prevent infections. The system employs continuous streaming treatment and uses an enzyme-based solution to continuously irrigate the wound and remove dead cells.

This device combines enzymes with a liquid flow, which produces far better results. The system works on the principle of negative pressure wound recovery. The wound is sealed utilizing a plastic cap and the enzyme solution flows under it and eliminates dead tissues.

This method controls the chronic wound, making management more efficient, and able to improve the quality of life of the patients.