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Black Truffle Salt – Earthy and Sweet

The tantalizingly rich, delectable taste of black truffle salt makes Black Truffle Sea Salt a staple in many kitchens. Made by harvesting the seeds from the truffle fruit of the Vitreous Cappuccino tree, this soft-sealed salt is renowned for its versatile use throughout the culinary world. Made by hand, the salt is often eaten on its own or sprinkled on food to enhance the flavor. Here are a few ideas for using it in your kitchen.

Begin your day with breakfast with a bowl of black truffle salt cereal. This healthy cereal is made with skim milk, white sugar, and eggs to create a hearty and colorful breakfast that's sure to leave you craving the dish later. As the cereal bakes, be sure to keep an eye on the moisture level in your kitchen. You don't want to overheat the cooking surface or let any excess moisture boil away from the outside of your oven.

Add some sliced portabella mushrooms to a heated pasta sauce. Portabella mushrooms are a perennial hit as a flavor in soups, stews, and chili. Even more commonly, they're added to baked potatoes and chicken pot pie. A thick, buttery sauce added to the top can add an intense burst of flavor to any meal while staying fairly low in fat. If you're not a fan of portabella mushrooms, another great addition to a frying pan would be some Swiss or French rolled brown rice.

Finish off your morning or afternoon meal with a warm bowl of soup, stew, or a delicious roast. One of the most popular ways to incorporate black truffle sea salt is to blend it into a blend of evaporated coconut milk and evaporated cane sugar (sold at Whole Foods Markets). Coconut milk is very high in concentration and will result in an intensely creamy soup. For an invigorating drink, substitute vanilla extract for the sugar. The resulting drink will have a rich vanilla flavor that you'll find difficult to resist.

Don't forget to use black truffle mushrooms when creating a delicious brown sugar glaze for desserts. Brown sugar produces a richly flavored glaze that goes well with cream cheeses, fruit-filled pastries, and ice cream. Glazed truffles can also be created using brown sugar, lemon juice, and water. Use chocolate sprinkles to add a special touch to this sweet treat.

It's important to note that the black truffle salt mentioned here is prepared by curing the salt, not cooking it. It's highly recommended to use organic products when it comes to your table. Organic products are always healthier because they're grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These natural compounds are extremely beneficial to your health as they help to restore the trace minerals found in natural seawater that have been lost over time.

You'll notice that sea salt has a slightly salty taste. This flavor is due to the minerals and trace elements that the sea salt has in addition to the high concentration of magnesium, iron, calcium, and manganese. This makes black truffle salt one of the most unique flavors on the market. It's great to experiment with and once you've developed your own proprietary blend of flavors, you can begin selling it at any flea market or craft fair. The sky is truly the limit!

It's easy to incorporate the unique taste of black truffle salt into your everyday cooking. Pair it with smoked salmon, shrimp, tomatoes, bread, and pasta to create unique dishes that are out of this world. It's important to note that this earthy flavor should be paired with items that are also slightly salty, such as a mild cayenne or bell pepper, for example. It goes well with creamy Italian pasta sauces and light buttery vegetables as well. Pair it with fish, chicken, or beef and you'll get an earthy flavor that you won't find in many foods from other cuisines.