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Car Maintenance – Getting a Spring Tune – Up

Car maintenance is essential to keep your car in good condition and ensure it runs smoothly. A few simple tasks can be done at home to keep your car running smoothly. You can also hire a professional auto mechanic service in Yatala for your car maintenance.

Car Maintenance

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Air filter – The owner's manual should give you an indication of how often you should change your filter. However, it is usually about once per year. It's easy to locate the air filter box. This is a large, black plastic box located near the engine. 

Spark plugs – To ensure that spark plugs don't need to be replaced or cleaned, check them during car maintenance. These spark plugs can be easily removed with a wrench. After removing the spark plugs, inspect them for cracks and replace any that are found. 

You can make older spark plugs less efficient by getting them dirty. To remove any dirt clumps, use a wire brush to gently scrub the ends. These will help extend their life expectancy before they need to be replaced.

Fluid levels – Your fluid levels should be checked regularly as part of regular car maintenance. If your fluid levels drop too low, some can cause damage to your cars, like engine coolant or oil. 

Other fluids can cause your car to be unsafe to drive, such as brake fluid, power steering fluid, and windscreen washer fluid. You can even search online for more information about car maintenance.