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Christian Websites and Prayer

Prayer is one of those basic exercises for Christian expansion. Agendas and applications of church appear to substitute the committed prayer life of their soul. Lately we've become a community of applications and actions. Christian sites reflect this mindset.

We do so a number of the actions of a church so as to please folks. The explanation for pleasing people appears to stem from bringing more attendance.

There's not anything wrong with getting more individuals. On the other hand, the motive shouldn't revolve around money. You can also visit for info regarding church services.

The formulation for church expansion appears to be ABC. They're Attendance, Building, and Money. If our evangelistic action is inspired from the ABC mindset, then we've got an issue on our handson. Christian sites have become a way to promote this false mindset.

Believers ought to be encouraged to pray and spend some time studying the bible by themselves so as to create private relationship with God. To the contrary, we've encouraged the church actions alone to function as means for expansion.

Yes, we want fellowship. But, Fellowship with no private walk and connections with the Lord is meaningless and unworthy. Jesus said go into your room and closed the door.

This assists us to concentrate time alone with God. Whenever you're alone, you can't make an effort to impress God. Our tendency is always to impress.

At the community action there's this key motivation to impress and please folks. When you're alone with God, then you're away from individuals.

There's not any one to impress or please. Attempt to impress God and you'll fall flat on your face. Nowadays Christian sites are guilty of attempting to impress people rather than God.

When fulfill God alone, you're naked and open. You can't lie to God. You can't take credit for anything ahead of God. You can't boast before God. You can't but face the reality that you're in the mercy of God.

Every believer should experience this experience of confronting and fulfilling God independently in Prayer. With this experience of meeting God face to face you're dead.

You can't live your so-called Christian lifestyle in hypocrisy. Attempting to imitate and people will get us nowhere close to heaven. Christian sites should teach us the real meaning of prayer.