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Concussions And The Need For Physiotherapist

With the cult film Concussion and the Public Broadcasting System documentary on the same subject, There is a lot of national interest in sports-related brain injuries and their consequences.

The prevalence of mild brain injuries which is also known as a concussion is estimated to be 3.8 million annually. The majority of patients who sustain concussions will experience symptoms that disappear within 7-10 days. 

It's advised for every patient who suffers from post-concussion symptoms to visit a concussion management center in Edmonton for a cervical spine assessment and treatment.

Concussion Management Services - Stride Physiotherapy in Red Deer

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However, the remaining 15 percent however, may experience persistent symptoms for weeks, months, or even years after the injuries. For those who suffer, persistent symptoms that persist for longer than four to twelve weeks the condition is believed to be chronic and commonly referred to as post-concussion.

A lot of healthcare professionals view post-concussion syndrome as an injury that is only affecting the brain. But, recent research has shown that a different etiology, which is not related to brain injury, could be the cause of ongoing chronic symptoms.

People who suffer from mild traumatic brain injury are likely to exhibit symptoms of headache, dizziness tension in the neck, eye issues, as well as concentration problems, hearing impairments, as well as emotional disturbances. 

Based on this, it can be evident that people who are subject to forces strong enough to cause concussions also suffer cervical spine injuries. 

It is to be almost certain that an individual who has an injury that is traumatic, resulting in concussions may also sustain trauma in the tissues surrounding the neck.