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Get Rid Of The Stupid Habit – ”Finger Sucking In Toddlers”

Worried about your child's thumb-sucking habit? And you feel very embarrassed by this stupid habit in front of other people? Then you should read this article if you really pay attention to their habits. There are some devices available to break the habit of finger sucking. You can look at the thumb sucking device at

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  • The permanent shifting of the child's teeth due to the uneven force of the thumb on the teeth.

  • Upper and lower front teeth should not be close to each other.

  • Upper front teeth can break. As a result of a broken or protruding front tooth, the child may fracture these teeth more frequently.

  • Open bites or the lower and upper front teeth that are not close enough can cause difficulty speaking during pronunciation

  • Protruding and uneven teeth change the facial appearance. This can lead to feelings of inferiority in young people.


This can be treated using the following methods which are given below.

1. Psychological methods:

The child is guided by both the dentist and the parent to consciously end the habit of thumb sucking for a period of time. This can only be done if the child has psychological desires and wants to end the habit

2. Complementary Oral Method – This includes other simple methods such as:

  • Color the thumb or finger of the child with a substance that tastes bad.

  • Tap the thumb with the Paris tape to prevent the thumb from sucking.

3.Intraoral method:

For this purpose, a device is made, which is then placed in the child's mouth by the dentist. They are usually viewed by the children there as punishment and sometimes cause serious emotional upset. If a device turns a happy young man into a nervous kid overnight, it's not worth it.