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Golf Information About Unconscious Competence

When a top player hits a shot, at that moment, he is trying to show the world physically, what he has internally experienced moments ago.

This is the end of your journey to learning golf. All aspiring to compete at the topmost level must reach this destination. I had mentioned the Principle of learning skills at the very onset that will help you in developing any skill you want. You can also get to know more about golf by visiting

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How and when do you use your Unconscious Competence?

• Let us see:

Driving – You can navigate easily through busy roads and traffic although your mind is occupied with other pressing matters.

Tennis – Most of your reactions are instinctive. You respond instantly when the opponent hits the ball at you, without pausing to think.

Golf – Here, the course is the opponent, and the problem involves the architectural design laid out in front of you. Weather is also a determining factor.

• So how do you play golf instinctively? Just have a look:

  1. You can respond with different variations of a single shot.
  2. Not only should you know all the shots, but you should also be able to play them correctly.
  3. Your response should be instinctive. You should be able to choose the best shot and feel the right swing immediately.

Nevertheless, at times, top players also come back to level 3. They become overly analytical of their techniques due to misguided advice. This undermines their beliefs, and confidence, and adversely affects their ability to perform.