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Improve Service Quality in a Call Center

All had agents screw up. We've all had customers get very upset. We've all had irrational people we couldn't make happy no matter what we did or said. Worst of all, we've all become a bit numb to it over time. That's when things are critically dangerous.

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Create a follow-up system based on scoring. Here are my suggestions:

a. If an agent scores a 1, it automatically escalates to a T3 to reach out and make an outbound call to the customer to see if they can resolve the concern.

b. If the agent scores a 2, it escalates to a T2 for outbounding and resolution.

c. This almost always fixes the customer's issues. A proactive call is generally very well received and customers finish the call feeling like the company cares and is listening.

Create a disciplinary system based on scoring.

a. If an agent is scored a 1, they are pulled in to speak with management and warned. A three-strike rule is used.

b. If the agent is scored a 2 they are given a written warning. Three written warnings are 1 strike. The Three-strike rule applies.

Create a compensation plan that includes bonuses for scores above the desired service level.

a. This is the most important piece of improving service quality for Call Centers.

b. It creates a culture on the floor that is contagious.

c. Lower the hourly pay rate and provide hourly bumps (increases or bonuses) if they average a desirable score. For example, if an agent averages a 4.0 for the pay period he/she receives a bump.