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Know More About the Health Benefits of Tea

Tea is a great substitute for coffee because it also contains caffeine to help pick you up in the morning or throughout the day. But tea contains less caffeine which makes it less addictive. Besides tea can also provide you with many health benefits that coffee cannot.

So drink tea throughout the day may be in your best interest. You still can have a cup of coffee in the morning but opted for a cup of tea afterward. Here are some of the health benefits that you can gain by drinking tea.

Better go to sleep

Drink a cup of herbal tea before you go to sleep at night, can help you to fall into a deep sleep and peace. Although herbal teas contain caffeine, also contains ingredients that help you to relax and sleep. You can buy CBD tea for sleep from various web sources.


Herbal tea contains antioxidants that help to wash away all the toxins in your body so that you can prevent premature aging and age-related diseases. But not only did the tea affects the inside of your body, but outside as well, because it can help keep your skin hydrated and soft so that wrinkles do not have a chance.


Arthritis is when the joint or surrounding muscle becomes inflamed. Tea can help you to reduce painful swelling and inflammation by removing toxins from the inflamed area and warm the body.

Lowers cholesterol

The tea is also said to reduce your cholesterol levels and thus can help you to avoid high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.

Digestion improvement

Tea can help to get the digestive juices flowing in the stomach so that you can digest food more efficiently. Warming effects of some of the tea can help to relax the muscles of your stomach to reduce stomach cramps, nausea, and vomiting.