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Mobile Coffee Services in Singapore

As we begin to see new life urges emerge and our daily lives slowly return to normal – or the “new normal” as they are repeatedly told – we can dream of having friends and family at our favorite cafes and bars, and restaurants.

But what will this new version of social interaction look and feel like?

Understandably, many of us will be nervous about getting out and coming back to life. Others are simply desperate for a cup of their favorite drink at the local pub! We believe that with social distancing measures, mobile retail has found the answer.

If you are looking for #1 Mobile Coffee Services in Singapore, check out the outdoor coffee at Kafve Coffee. This could be perfect for you!

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Every day we receive calls and emails from bar owners who are worried about how new social trends will affect their business – who can blame them? 

Luckily, we have solutions in mobile retail to suit almost any outdoor area. A pop-up shopping bar could be the answer. They can be made in different sizes and designs… Flexibility is the key!

If you think a mobile solution might be for you, why not turn your old van into a mobile bar? This option is ideal for use in beer gardens or parking lots; Looks great and can be locked completely for security. These van conversions can also be used as a new source of income at festivals and events.