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Orange County Photographer Offers Tip: Make Workflow Process More Efficient

The photo industry is very competitive. To compete effectively and increase profits, portrait photographers, wedding photographers, newborn photographers, and adult photographers need to improve their workflows. You can also take help from Orange county’s best photographers from online sources. 

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This article provides some tips for creating an effective workflow;

1. To focus your work, you must have a good idea of what customers want. Show your customers the products they can buy in advance. Ask them to choose two or three products that they really like. That way, you can do your job to their liking and, just as importantly, to their shopping preferences.

 2. Plan before you start shooting. Talk to seniors or other customers about the product they want. Explain how many outfits fit each product you like. Describe the colour that matches the selected product. By discussing it with customers, you will know exactly what photos you will use for each product.

3. After taking the photo, upload it to your computer in Lightroom.

4. Select the image you want to work with. Usually, you want to get between 30 and 40 images. You don't want to burden your clients. Overcharged customers can actually reduce the number of sales you can get. 

5. Also filter your images in Lightroom. Choose a similar image. Compare the pictures. Remove what is not the best.

6. Create categories based on the products you choose.

7. Place the image that you think best fits each product in the category.

8. Product design.