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Safe Scrum Master And Its Responsibilities

The Scrum Master is a distinct Agile Team member that devotes most in helping teammates communicate, collaborate and collaborate; typically they assist the team to meet the goals of their delivery.

A Scrum Master acts as a servant-leader that helps teams self-organize, manage themselves, and execute through Lean-Agile methods. Scrum Master Scrum Master supports ScrumXP, Kanban and various other methods of working that the team has been implementing. You can also get more knowledge about Scrum Master Learning Goals via online.

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Helps an Owner:  The Scrum Master assists the Product Owners in their efforts to control the backlog and direct the team in fostering an enlightened team environment regarding the priorities and scope.

Helps in the elimination of obstacles: that block the process. Many of these issues are beyond the team's power or require assistance from other teams. A Scrum Master supports the team in solving and eliminating these problems to increase the chances of meeting the goals for the Iteration.

promotes quality practices of SAFe: The SAFe Quality PracticesSAFe offers guidance to aid teams in continuously improving its quality outputs and in achieving their requirements for the Definition of Done (DoD). The Scrum Master assists in fostering the discipline of technical discipline and rigor that is the foundation of successful agile teams.

Creates a team that is highly efficient with a high-performance team:  The focus is on continuously improving the team's dynamics as well as performance and assists the team to manage themselves. Assists team members in resolving issues and conflicts within the team and find potential growth opportunities.