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How Do Dental Fillings Work?

Tooth fillings are one the most common dental procedures and many patients often wonder how exactly they work. In this article, learn more about what a filling is, the material used to make them, and the steps involved in removing and applying a filling so you can know for sure what's happening during your appointment!

What is a Dental Filling?

A dental filling is a small device that is inserted into the empty tooth to restore its function. The filling is made of either porcelain or metal and is shaped like a plug or a ball. It is usually covered with a layer of plastic so it will not come out and cause any problems. You can also get the service of dental filling at

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How are Dental Fillings Used?

Most dental fillings are made of a material that is hardened by being encased in a resin. The resin hardens around the material, holding it in place. The teeth are then drilled, and the filling is inserted using a small tool that looks like a drill bit with a wire brush on one end. As the tool is pulled out, the wire brush scatters the resin all over the inside of the tooth. This hardens the resin and holds the filling in place.