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Full Life Cycle Recruiting: How To Get A Top-Notch Candidate

You might wonder what the full life cycle recruiting process is, or when it's appropriate to use. Read this article to find out how it works and how you can successfully employ this strategy in your own hiring practices.

What is Full Life Cycle Recruiting?

Full life cycle recruiting is an approach to recruitment that starts with identifying the need and then working backwards to identify the best candidate. It involves starting with the job posting, following up with candidates who are interested, and then bringing them in for an interview. This approach helps you find the best candidates for the right job, eliminates wasted time and energy, and saves you money.

Full Recruitment Life Cycle: 7 Stages of Recruitment Process

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Why do recruiters use this approach?

-Despite the global recession, many companies are still struggling to find qualified candidates. Recruiters use the full life cycle recruiting approach in order to generate a more diverse pool of qualified candidates. 

This approach helps companies to identify and assess potential employees from pre-application through job placement. 

The full life cycle recruiting approach can be helpful for several reasons. First, it allows recruiters to identify potential candidates early in their careers, when they may have more potential to grow and develop into great employees. 

Second, this approach gives recruiters access to a greater number of candidates from different backgrounds and industries. Finally, the full life cycle recruiting approach helps companies to assess candidates objectively and compare them against each other on critical skills and abilities.