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What is Windows Azure and What are its Benefits?

Today, large companies such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, which have extensive experience managing large data centers, offer customers the option to "lease" data capacity. This is good news for companies looking to focus on their core business applications and not worry about the core platform. 

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3 New Features of Microsoft Azure Cloud and How They Benefit Business

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Azure is becoming increasingly important as the cloud infrastructure of choice for many IT professionals. Here are some of the reasons these professionals choose Azure as their cloud selection platform – and why your company might want to consider it too:

Cost savings and fast scalability:- With models such as Windows Azure, companies only have to pay for the resources their applications consume. For example, if a company needs to increase the number of users or data storage, Microsoft can easily adjust the speed, which makes it very convenient and scalable. 

Reliability:- Apart from cost savings and faster scalability, another advantage of the Windows Azure and IaaS/PaaS models is reliability. Windows Azure services are provided by a cloud data center that combines many acronyms. When the server crashes, enterprise applications automatically run on other servers in the data center.

Easy upgrades:- Microsoft Azure supports a variety of programming languages, tools and frameworks, including Microsoft-specific software and third-party software and systems. New and improved web applications can easily be added.